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// INITIATOR | Esther Way and Huib Koel

Woodies at Berlin, a beautiful encounter between a stylist and a ship’s craftsman, the one born with an eye for detail, the other with hands that can make anything. Woodies at Berlin not only designs, inspires, builds and styles ship interiors, but also initiates and develops innovative projects in Amsterdam North: The new sustainable NDSM harbour Kaap de Groene Hoop, the floating hotel Asile Flottant and the Crossboat at De Ceuvel are examples of recent projects.

With great pride,  in close cooperation with Zu-architecture, presents the undoubted hotspot of the NDSM-wharf (if not the entire city): The Floating Pavilion. A highly innovative and eye-catching restaurant and event space placed on a lived through Dortmunder Schiff. The Floating Pavilion is the perfect combination of the free-spirited creativity of the current NDSM entrepreneurs and the unruly nautical DNA of the past.

Apple notebook meets blue-collar craftsmanship.

// LOCATION | Ms Van Riemsdijkweg, NDSM Wharf

The harbor Kaap de Groene Hoop is located along the Ms. Van Riemsdijkweg at the northern banks of the IJ river centrally located at the NDSM Wharf.

The NDSM Wharf is easily reached by public transportation and for most the trip includes a fabulous and free mini-cruise on the IJ river. If you are visiting from outside Amsterdam take any train to Amsterdam Central Station. From there, on the back side of the station (De Ruijterkade), you’ll hop on the ferry that indicates NDSM Werf and docks on the left. In like 15 minutes the ferry sails across and drops you right at Kaap de Groene Hoop. When you get off the ferry just walk to the right and within a minute you are at Kaap de Groene Hoop. Buses 105, 109, 391 and 394 drop you off at the Klaprozenweg just a few minutes by foot from Kaap de Groene Hoop. For schedules, updates and news check the website of the municipality ( The ferry on the IJ river is free of charge. It only takes people, bikes and scooters. No cars or motorcycles.


Can you get her by boat?

Although we don’t encourage it, if you really want to come by car, on walking distance you’ll find a large parking lot (1,30 euro per hour, paid parking from 9am to 7pm.

// THE ARCHITECT |  zU – Studio

The structure, formed by thin walls disposed in different angles, is inspired by Richard Serra´s sculpture (Sight point) in Museumplein in Amsterdam, where three walls are supporting each other creating a vertical tower, leaving interesting gaps between each other and creating a nice triangle on top.

The pavilion is the horizontal version of the sculpture in Museumplein. Five different roofs, each around 13 m. long (Serra´s sculpture is coincidentally 13 m. high)

 This new geometry combining triangles and a central diamond shape roof generates different areas interconnected with each other and opens up to the IJ Water and beautiful views of the City from the Harbour.

The disposition of the structural walls are creating a continuous space on the ground floor, an exciting circulation around them while discovering the different areas and the visual relationship between them, the five roofs are built at different heights delineating the different living areas.

The structure has been conceived to create depth, some walls are a facade, others are inner walls, different layers that aim to generate curiosity in people to be discovered. The building will look different from all the different perspectives, it will look transparent and open from certain views, but solid and opaque from others.

The space is in constant transformation, the light that comes through the windows, the skylights and the gaps between the platforms changes every moment.


Here are some of the things we do to maximize the comfort of our hotelguests while minimizing the environmental impact.:

Firstly, we have chosen our location carefully. We docked our renovated ships in a recycled shipyard where social entrepreneurs opened up offices in written off houseboats surrounded by soil-cleaning plants. One of the houseboat companies, Metabolic, is on a mission ‘to tackle global sustainability challenges’. Thankfully they also committed themselves to a sustainability challenge right next door: Metabolic is our proud partner in finding clever ways to increase the sustainability of our historic vessels. For our energy supply, we cooperate with Green Choice. They generate energy from natural and domestic sources and convinced over 400.000 Dutch households to power their houses following Green Choice’s sustainable philosophy. As always, the devil is in the details. For example; we buy our chocolates from an artisan chocolate maker transporting the cocoa with a ship called Tres Hombres. Now here’s the thing: the Tres Hombres does not have an engine, it crosses the ocean powered by wind only. We love it! In your shower you’ll find fragrant refillable bottles of Marie Stella Maris; an Amsterdam based company named after the patroness of the sailors. Every time you take a shower and you soap yourself, you contribute to a water-project somewhere in a third world country. Besides all those great values, it’s an excellent body wash! Furthermore, we recycle your complimentary Nespresso capsules and, obviously, we separate (y)our garbage.